Travelling to Startup Weekend Newcastle? Here’s some place to stay!


Startup weekend review

Looking for somewhere to stay?

To avoid missing out on suitable accommodation near Newcastle University Business School it would be worth booking NOW.

Newcastle is a vibrant and busy city and the weekend of the 20-22nd April will be no different! With a good public transport and roads system there will be no problem getting to necessary locations, but to avoid this problem we would like to list a few options for all those who need somewhere to stay.



A fantastic alternative is to check out which is a fantastic website allowing travelers to be placed in a hosts house for a short time at very affordable rates. A quick search for vacancies in the Newcastle area will list numerous options at varying rates and it may be a suitable option for those who do not want to stay at a hotel or are struggling to find somewhere nearby.

Reinforcing what was said above, there are some big events on during the Start-Up weekend and we encourage you to book somewhere ASAP to avoid disappointment!