3 companies that made millions after a Startup Weekend!


Startup Weekend

Believe it or not, some companies that have been hacked together over a whirlwind weekend have gone on to make millions. There is no exact science for this, rather a healthy mix of innovation, passion, determination and business savviness that can allow a grassroots idea to explode!

Startup Weekend Newcastle is no different and it is inspiring for us as the organizers of the event that exciting new business ideas can use Startup as a launch-pad. With the event only a week away it is worth noting that companies such as Zaarly, Launchrock and FoodSpotting
have not only been financially successful, but have changed and improved the way people live and communicate with one another.

‘Zaarly’, for example, has created a dynamic and proximity based online free-market, where buyers can discover services and goods they never knew existed and buyers can cash in on things they never knew they could sell. This may sound complicated but thanks to the simplicity of the idea and the understanding the team had of how the modern online market functions, anyone can use it, and more importantly, anyone can benefit from it! Check it out for yourself and discover the brilliant opportunities that all of these Startup companies offer!

I hope this has got fellow creative minds excited…

Newcastle Startup team.