#swnewcastle – Final day schedule


Morning Startup Weekenders

The final day is upon us – every single team has done great work, evolved and are looking great for the final presentations. But of course, there’s still a few crucial hours left to get that presentation and demos looking sharp :)

We recommend that you begin working on your presentations now – this always takes longer than expected.

Schedule for today:

Midday – lunch

1pm – Presentations Rehearsals – every team has a 15 minute slot to rehearse their presentation in front of mentors/organisers. This kicks off at 1pm. See below for your slot (these are optional but we highly recommend them, even if you feel you’re not quite ready yet, you still have time to make changes)

4pm – Dinner – need to eat up before the final presentations kick off @5

5pm – Final Presentations – Our judges will be in place and we’ll be kicking off at 5pm. Final Presentations slots will be posted on the site by midday. Please everyone attend from 5pm!

7.30pm – Networking/Shots/Basking in glory :)

Good luck everyone!!

Rehearsal pitch slots 





1 SMS for spotify InstaQuote 1:00 – 1:11pm
2 Energy Pack Energy Pack 1:12 – 1:23pm
3 VIBE VIBE 1:24 – 1:35pm
4 Flip Recruit Job Log 1:36 – 1:47pm
5 Slice of the Takeaway Market MyMenu 1:48 – 1:59pm
6 Financial Trading Trading Partner 2:00 – 2:11pm
7 Travel Tab Trip Tab 2:12 – 2:23pm
8 Sharing Sports Moment We Play 2:24 – 2:35pm
9 Sound Fountain Sound Fountain 2:36 – 2:47pm
10 Virtual Training Soletrain 2:48 – 2:59pm
11 Xeniality Zeniality 3:00 – 3:11pm
12 Sales Tracker Sales Tracker 3:12 – 3:23pm